Prophytes App Marketing Event Recap: How to Launch and App!

This past weekend was one of the largest concentration of NPHC Fraternities and Sororities in Atlanta GA for Atlanta Greek Picnic. Prophytes, the networking app for all Fraternities and Sororities, sponsored a series of private events that required attendees to install the application, create a full profile and post in the app to gain entry


Take It One Step at a Time- Life and Spirituality

How many of us are so quick to reach the top that we ignore all the steps along the way. It's very important to take it one step at a time and embrace each moment. There is no such thing as going backwards. Always forward! 

Life & Spirituality: Is your Pride Blocking your Blessings?

How many of you have let your pride get in the way of what could have been a great opportunity? Are you questioning if you are being to prideful for an opportunity? Watch this video to uncover if your pride is blocking your blessings. 

How to Launch an App: What is the Wireframe and Flow Chart?

Now that you have your idea for your app and you've researched and completed your customer discovery process. It's time to begin the development process. The first step of the development process is designing your product. This video gives you some money saving tips to help with the design and development process before hiring your first team member. 

PS. I left the Blooper in there for all of you that want to start a youtube channel but are afraid of mistakes. Vulnerability is REAL! 

Life and Spirituality: The Path Less Traveled!

How many of you have every thought if the path you are on is the right one? Are you the person that took the risk to do what others said wasn't possible? Are you currently beating yourself up for taking that risk? This video will give you a quick insight on the path less traveled. 

Let's Talk Entrepreneurship: How to get your first customer?

Assuming you saw my other videos, the next step is getting your first customer. A lot of money is spent before focusing on what's important. This video is a simple explanation of how to utilize your current network to build your customer base.  

If you haven't seen my customer discovery video or the different links to help start your business click these links to watch.

Customer Discovery:

Business Links:

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Life and Spirituality: Enjoy the Process!

Are you truly enjoying your life or are you constantly hoping for the next best thing? Do you feel you are apart of the cycle of life without any control? Watch this video for a practical approach on the best way to get out of the cycle and start living the life you asked for. 

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Let's Talk Entrepreneurship: Links every Business Owner should know!

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Are you excited about starting your business?  Do you have the idea and are ready to get the business started? This video will give you a great head start. Watch to learn what links to go to to really jump start you business the correct way. Links that are stated in video are below.

How to Launch an App: Startup/ App Secrets to help with your process.

Do you have a great App idea? Do you know how to develop but not sure where to begin. This video gives you insight on what to do first before you waste anytime doing the wrong things. I will be releasing new videos every Tuesday, so subscribe to get my updated videos.

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Meditation for Millennial- Finally Understand Meditation

How many of you are always asked, "Do you meditate?" But the only reason why you don't is because you have no idea why you should. This will probably be the best explanation on meditation you will ever hear. I hope it helps and motivates you to start or continue meditating. 

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What to do after you've FAILED?

Failure Sucks but you still have to keep going. But what do you do when you've created this brand/business and you are now stuck. How do you keep moving when you hit a brick wall. I hope this simple yet practical insight can help you like it continues to help me with my process.  

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Pledging for Success Review

Pledging for Success, is one of the best books to read when getting started with your desires and dreams. Watch this video review to hear how Pledging for Success helped this young student. 

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Do I Really need a Business Coach and WHY?

A lot of us have no ideas what a business coach does or if one will even help. This video should give you a real no fluff insight on if you need a business coach.

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How to get started? with anything new!

Do you have an idea or want to start business? This video gives you the 5 steps to getting started with anything new. It gives you the most important aspects to getting started and how to keep going. 

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What is an Entrepreneur?

Do you truly know what it means to be an entrepreneur? Have you ever wanted to break the normal life cycle and start your own business, watch this video to learn what it really means. 

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How to pick the BEST MENTOR?

Have you been told to get a good mentor, but don't know how? Do you know someone who you want to be your mentor? Watch this video to learn what to look for in a mentor and what the best approach is to get the best mentor for what you want to do. 

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