Passion™ – KEYNOTE (Approx. 60 mins)

What is Your Why?
Do you know what your true passion is?

Passion is not something we all realize easily. Sometimes it takes time to discover the things we are truly passionate about. Sometimes it takes practice to realize your true passion and use it as a motivational tool to do the things you were meant to do in life.

Why have you made the choices you made? There is no blue print to life and no matter how many times someone tells you they have the answers, you will always do it differently. Understanding your WHY in almost every situation will lead you to your HOW.

Eric Lee Usher teaches people how to find their WHY and their HOW through this program.

With fun, hands-on exercises, thought provoking messages, and energizing motivation, Eric is the perfect speaker for your youth next event or gathering.

Programs include:

   •     Motivation – How to live today and find your own motivation in the life and in the world

   •     Leadership – A strong leader will succeed in many facets of life

   •     Bullying Prevention – Learn how to avoid confrontation and what to do if you face a bullying situation

   •     Confidence – Learn how to build confidence that will help you in all areas of life  

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Passion™ – WORKSHOP (30-45MINS)

A lot of us have the wrong passion because someone else gave us our “Why”. We wonder why we never succeed. Get your very own “Why” so that your real passion leads you to your REAL purpose in life. This workshop will teach you how to find your “Why” even when you don’t know where to start. If you lost focus on a dream it can be reignited. 

Pledging for Success™ – WORKSHOP (30-45MINS)

Allow Eric to teach you the time honored path to success that members of all pan-hellenic fraternities and sororities learn. This process teaches these young ladies and gentlemen who to become the most successful and well-respected business people.

Eric will show your group key points found in the book and answer questions about the process in a informal and engaging session, promised to inject passion and power into all of participants lives.

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